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Hollandtown dairy

The Hollandtown dairy was built in 1897 after a group of Wisconsin farmers came together with the mutual ambition of marketing their milk.

The dairy started licensed production for Arla Foods in 1998 before Arla purchased the dairy in 2006. Today, the plant has an annual capacity of over 15,000 tons with over 150 employees producing our best specialty cheese types, including Havarti, Gouda and Edam as well as Fontina and Muenster. In 2011 the dairy went through a significant expansion project to ensure we can carry on producing more great tasting cheese for our customers.

Arla Foods is committed to being Closer to Nature – from the natural ingredients we use in our products to the greener ways we produce them. Hollandtown dairy continues to invest in more efficient and eco-friendly ways of working. This way we stand true to our mission of being Closer to Nature.

Quick history of Havarti

  • Havarti was first developed by a 19th century Danish female dairy pioneer named Hanne Nielsen
  • The cheese was named after Hanne Nielsen's dairy farm: Havartigaard
  • Master Danish cheese makers brought the proud traditions of Hanne Nielsen to Hollandtown back in 1998
  • Our award-winning Havarti is produced according to the old Danish recipe and traditions
  • Hollandtown is the No. 1 producer of Havarti in the U.S.
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