Hanne Nielsen, an innovative Danish maid, created Havarti cheese in the mid-1800s. Nielsen decided to experiment with washing her curds in fresh mountain water before molding, draining and pressing them, which resulted in a soft and creamy new cheese: Havarti. The cheese is named for Havartigaard, the dairy where it was invented. Within a few years of her discovery, Hanne set up a shop in Copenhagen and was serving her cheeses to the Danish king.

Master Danish cheese makers brought the proud traditions of Hanne Nielsen to Hollandtown Dairy in Kaukauna, Wisconsin in 1998. Arla Foods is the No. 1 producer of Havarti in the world and the Hollandtown Dairy is the No. 1 Havarti producer in the U.S.

Havarti cheese has a characteristic, open structure due to the cheese filling process. The transportation of curds into the mold introduces air between the grains. A true Havarti cheese has tiny holes and a mild, buttery flavor with a smooth texture.

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