Dofino Cream Cheese Spread


Introducing Dofino Cream Cheese Spread – great-tasting, deliciously spreadable, bakeable and impossible not to enjoy cream cheese spread! Our smooth, spreadable cream cheese spread is perfect on your bagels, wraps, crackers, pita chips, and more! Crafted using no artificial flavors or colors with 80 calories per serving, Dofino Cream Cheese is a satisfying, wholesome and delicious spread the entire family will enjoy.

We make our cream cheese at our own dairies in Denmark from our own farmers’ milk, so you always know where it comes from – from our dairy farm to your fridge.

Dofino Cream Cheese Spread is the perfect solution for adding a nutritious boost to a bagel or toast as a quick snack or last-minute lunch. Perfect for all your baking and cooking needs as well – easily blendable and wonderfully creamy. An ideal addition to your favorite recipes – from luscious cheesecakes, decadent frostings, cookies, ice cream, savory sauces, creamy pasta dishes and more!