Water and Energy

We greatly respect our natural resources and work to reduce consumption and are moving from fossil to renewable energy sources.

By 2020, half of the energy used within our operations will be supplied from renewable resources. This means minimizing our use of fossil oil and gas and changing to renewable energy sources such as biomass or biogas.

Energy and water resources

We will reduce energy and water consumption by three percent within our operations as well as reduce fuel for transportation one percent annually. To achieve these targets, we will continue to work on the following activities:


  • Environmentally friendly technologies
  • Increase heat recovery
  • Reuse water
  • LEAN management implementation


  • Optimize planning of logistics
  • Educate drivers in eco-driving techniques
  • Collaboration with vehicle manufacturers 

Hear Arla's environment manager, Jan Dalsgaard Johannesen explain about how we work to protect water end energy resources within production: