Arla Cream Cheese


With only four recognizable ingredients, Arla Cream Cheese is deliciously simple, made without artificial flavors or preservatives. Enjoy the creamy, fresh taste of Arla Cream Cheese on your morning bagel, in your sandwich, with a delicious snack, or in a smooth, tasty cheesecake.

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Only four natural ingredients

are all it takes to make Arla Cream Cheese.

Naturally Tasty Cheesecakes

Get inspired with delicious Arla Cream Cheese cheesecake recipes.


Ever wondered what whey is? Because Arla Cream Cheese is made with only four ingredients, and no artificial flavors or preservatives, the whey remains. And that’s just how we like it.

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Farmer Owned.

Dairy produced with passion from the farm to you.

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